Cathryn Collins
Photo Credit:Alexandra Penney
Cathryn Collins, a widely traveled entrepreneur, has been following the life of Mikhail Khodorkovsky for a decade. Her pursuit of this provocative story led to a single-minded odyssey across three continents in the creation of her first film VLAST (POWER). With an unerring eye for detail and the tenacity of a war correspondent, Collins cobbled together a story of power in Russia that few hazarded confronting.

Traveling the world and studying languages since childhood, Collins is committed to working in and understanding other cultures. Her passions are expressed in her devotion to philanthropic cultural and social projects in Nepal, Cambodia, Italy and New York as well as in her design business, which is based on resources developed by her in South Asia, Europe and the United States.

A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia Business School, Collins is well known for her style, and her obsession with revealing the unknown. She is the founder and President of the luxury goods design business I Pezzi Dipinti, Inc., as well as a Contributing Editor at DEPARTURES Magazine.

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